About the Artist

Kaj, (rhymes with sky), holds bachelor degrees in fine art and art education from the University of Nebraska and taught art at the high school level for several years. For the past few years he has focused on plein air painting (primarily in oil, but occasionally uses watercolor or acrylics) to capture a scene or landscape that can be brought into the studio for further study and for use to create larger works.

From the time he was a young boy, Kaj showed a keen interest in drawing and was influenced by his grandfather, Glenn Miler, who was a noted illustrator and portrait artist who studied at the American Academy of Art and the Chicago Art Institute. Living around Granddad’s paintings and learning the basic principles of perspective at Granddad’s knee are memories that he treasures today.

After college, Kaj worked as a freelance illustrator and held positions as a graphics assistant for a large architecture firm in San Diego and worked in art sales for a gallery in Arizona. Later he returned to school to become a credentialed art teacher, and is currently working on a Master in Art Education degree from the University of Missouri, while also working at the MU Learning Center.

Having property in Arizona has allowed Kaj the opportunity to study with some prominent painters in the West. They include: Bob Rohm, Dick Heichberger, John Hughes, G. Russell Case, Ned Muller, as well as Missouri’s Billy O’Donnell, and Frank Stack.

He is a member of the Columbia Art League and participates when possible in local shows and art fairs each year. He has received a number of awards and commissions in the past few years including second place at the Boone County National Bank Art Show and Callaway Co. Arts Council show, commission to create the Holiday Card for Boone County National Bank, and commission of “Lafferre Hall” the College of Engineering at the University of Missouri.

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